USS SHIELDS DD-596 All Eras Reunion Association

The USS SHIELDS DD-596 ALL ERAS REUNION ASSOCIATION started in Reno, Nevada, during the very first reunion of shipmates.  Everyone attending had such a good time that a group of us wanted to continue in a democratic way.  That group included, amongst others: Roger Brotherton, Jim Durough, Ed Velasquez, and Jene Cain.

That group formed the association, registered it as a corporation in the state of Nevada, and elected its first board of directors.  The board then elected officers from amongst its members.  The board members aided by many friends have organized reunions and published a newsletter.

Unfortunately a founding board member, Roger Brotherton, passed away in October 2014 while he was attending our reunion.  In an election held after Roger’s passing, Roy Cook, Charles Chadwell, and Dave Murphy were elected to the board.

Although the board manages the association, it relies on the help of a number of others whom we refer to as “friends of the board”.  The number and identity of these friends has changed over the years but at the present time they include amongst others: (a) Jim Durough who uses his extensive skills as a private investigator to find shipmates and keep their contact information up to date; (b) Bill Ragan who runs the Ship’s Store and provides with all manner of memorabilia; (c) Jene Cain who edits the newsletter that we all enjoy reading; and (d) Larry Danforth our new web-master who is principally responsible for the web site you are now viewing.

Our association needs funds to carry on our activities.  Early on it was decided that our reunions should be self-liquidating.  Those who attend a reunion pay enough to cover the cost of that reunion.  We also incur costs to produce and mail the newsletter.  To cover these costs we decided to charge dues but to make them “voluntary”.  The board believes that even those shipmates who cannot or do not pay dues should still receive the newsletter and should still be able to participate in all activities of the association.  So far our association has been able to cover all expenses even though fewer than all shipmates pay dues.

By the way, all directors, officers and friends are volunteers and serve without pay.  Click here to see the names and faces of the current board members.